Advocacy and Strategies

CACTUS Request to CRTC to Reconsider 2016-224 (New Local and Community TV Policy)

CACTUS Request to CRTC to reconsider its June 15, 2016 decision to reallocate majority of funding for community TV to private sector. Also, its request to CRTC to establish a permanent Ombudsperson position to represent community media.

CACTUS Final Observations CRTC 2015-421

CACTUS' Final Observations in the CRTC's review of local and community TV.

Proposal for Community Media Centre Trial

On January 26th, the CRTC asked CACTUS to propose a trial for the community media centres we proposed in our January 5th submission to the CRTC's review of local and community TV (CRTC 2015-421). This is the proposal.

CACTUS Submission to CRTC 2015-421 (Review of Local and Community Television)

CACTUS filed a preliminary submission to the CRTC's review of community and local TV on Nov. 6th, 2015. CACTUS filed a supplemental (more complete) submission following the Community Media Convergence (held at Carleton University Nov. 22-24) on January 5th, 2016. The following is our main submission. (Links to the appendices can be found at:)

CACTUS Submission to Spectrum Auction Framework 2015

CACTUS' comments to Industry Canada regarding its proposal to align its television spectrum usage plans with those of the US.

CMG Letter to CRTC Requesting Hearing Delay

Letter from CMG submitted to CRTC Requesting that Policy Review Be Delayed Until after Community Media Conference.

Let's Talk TV Summary of Submissions Relevant to Community TV

This document summarizes submissions to phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190) from industry groups and stakeholders. It does not reflect comments by individual Canadians.

CACTUS Phase III Submission to "Let's Talk TV" (CRTC 2014-190)

This is CACTUS' written submission to Phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190).

CACTUS Intervention Against Separate Community Channels in Fredericton and Saint John

CACTUS Intervention Against Rogers' Application to the CRTC to Spend 4% of its revenues in Fredericton and Saint John on dual English and French community channels.

CACTUS Intervention Against Bell Moving Away from Linear Community Channel

CACTUS' intervention against an application by Bell to the CRTC to allocate part of its local expression spending toward an Internet platform, and away from a linear community channel.