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Let's Talk TV Summary of Submissions Relevant to Community TV

This document summarizes submissions to phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190) from industry groups and stakeholders. It does not reflect comments by individual Canadians.

CACTUS Phase III Submission to "Let's Talk TV" (CRTC 2014-190)

This is CACTUS' written submission to Phase III of the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" consultation (CRTC 2014-190).

CACTUS Intervention Against Separate Community Channels in Fredericton and Saint John

CACTUS Intervention Against Rogers' Application to the CRTC to Spend 4% of its revenues in Fredericton and Saint John on dual English and French community channels.

CACTUS Intervention Against Bell Moving Away from Linear Community Channel

CACTUS' intervention against an application by Bell to the CRTC to allocate part of its local expression spending toward an Internet platform, and away from a linear community channel.

CACTUS Intervention Against Separate Anglophone and Francophone Community Channels in Montreal

CACTUS intervened against Videotron's application to the CRTC to use 4% of its revenues in the Greater Montreal area to offer dual community channels, one in English and one in French.

Bell's Application for Bilingual Community Channels in Ottawa and Montreal

CACTUS' intervention to Bell's application to retain 4% of its revenues to offer bilingual community channels in Ottawa and Montreal.

Submission to CRTC by Steering Committee for ICTV Montreal

This is a letter to the CRTC from a citizen group calling itself the Steering Committee for Independent Community TV in Montreal, asking the CRTC to delay a decision on Videotron's request for a second community TV channel in Montreal (in English), while it develops a model for community TV that would be open to the whole community. This letter was submitted on October 7th, 2013.

Draft Powerpoint

Dec. 2012 Letter to CRTC Regarding 2011 Cable Community TV Audit

This letter is a response to a June 21st, 2012 letter from CRTC staff regarding the audit done by the CRTC in March of 2011 of selected cable community channels. The letter requests a Commission decision about the findings.

CACTUS Intervention to Bell-Astral Purchase Hearing

Click the link below to read CACTUS' hearing presentation before the CRTC regarding the application by BCE to purchase the assets of Astral (CRTC 2012-370).